4 Topics. 3 Days. 2 Hours.

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4 Topics. 3 Days. 2 Hours.

4 Topics. 3 Days. 2 Hours.

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The Future starts here

Every day, technology advances reshape the human experience — from how we live and work, to how we move through the world. Rapidly evolving technologies, including 5G and 6G, software-defined vehicles, non-terrestrial networks (NTN), and digital healthcare, power endless imagination and innovation across industries.

Keysight World: Innovate cuts through the noise to give technology leaders, engineers, and innovators like you a head start on near- and far-term technology developments. Hear industry leaders and futurists share their expertise and predictions. Join us for an inspiring preview of these exciting advances and their possibilities for your industry.

Opening Keynote | The Metaverse: Living on the Edge

Join Jonathon Wright as he delves into how the metaverse, fueled by progress in 5G and next-generation 6G, extended reality, and computer-generated imagery, will enable amazing digital experiences that seamlessly blend technology with reality. But first we must overcome challenges like latency, speed, and bandwidth.

Panel | Enter the Metaverse: Revolutionizing Reality with 5G and 6G

As technology continues to advance, the possibility of a fully immersive virtual world inches closer to reality. But we are not there yet. This vision hinges on the development of high-speed, low-latency 5G and 6G networks. Join today’s foremost 5G and 6G tech experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead as the industry works to create this new digital frontier.

Closing Keynote | Hacking the Wireless Metaverse with 6G and AI

Hear Walid Saad present a holistic vision of the wireless metaverse comprising seven interconnected worlds and experiences involving avatars and digital twins. Walid explores the convergence of wireless systems, digital twins, extended reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies needed to make the metaverse a reality. Discover the potential challenges to building metaverse-ready networks.

Opening Keynote | What’s Next for Self-Driving Vehicles?

Join Dariu Gavrila as he takes you on a journey through groundbreaking research at the Delft University of Technology and beyond, where experts are modeling road-user behavior and anticipating traffic situations in real time. Discover how these cutting-edge techniques will lead to safer, more comfortable, and more efficient driving experiences for everyone.

Panel | The Code Behind the Wheel: Navigating the Future of SDVs

Hear our panel of industry experts discuss the latest trends in software-defined vehicles, design challenges, commercialization, and regulatory issues that will shape the future of transportation. Explore how cutting-edge technologies must work together to enable cars to move from assisted driving to full autonomy.

Closing Keynote | The Race to Revolutionize Driving with AI

Join Chris Gerdes as he goes full speed into the cutting-edge advancements in AI-controlled vehicles, from physics-based automation to the neural networks that harness the vast amounts of data produced by modern cars. Experience the thrill of the racetrack as Chris flips the switch to hand control to the AI, showcasing the possibilities ahead and the challenges remaining on the road to AVs.

Keynote | Extraterrestrial 6G — The Final Frontier

Join Professor Todd Humphreys as he takes you on a journey beyond the boundaries of our planet and into the exciting world of NTN. He explores the approaches under consideration for NTN communications and their potential impact on the industry.

Panel | The Future of Communications: NTN and 5G

Join our panel of industry experts as they peer into the vast unknown to identify the state of NTN. Learn about ongoing standards developments in manufacturing; environmental, social and governance principals; open-source intelligence; and beyond.

Keynote | AI-Driven Digital Healthcare

Join Poppy Crum as she spotlights the trends making the dynamic digital twin a critical part of our future personalized health assessment and intervention. Poppy details how AI-driven healthcare offers the potential for improved health and treatment outcomes.

Panel | Beyond Teladoc: Bridging Engineering and Healthcare

Join our panel of experts as they explore the opportunities and roadblocks in the world of AI-driven digital healthcare. Discover how digital healthcare devices have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape, revolutionizing disease prediction, diagnostics, and treatment for better patient outcomes.

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4. Oktober 2023 to
19. Oktober 2023


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