Batteriesysteme testen und entwickeln leicht gemacht mit der neuen Software von Keysight!

Batteriesysteme testen und entwickeln leicht gemacht mit der neuen Software von Keysight!

The Keysight BV9210B & BV9211B Pathwave BenchVue application software provides a test environment for you to easily run battery tests and perform battery emulation using a variety of power supplies. You can perform charge/discharge of a battery to automatically create battery profiles at various test conditions. Additionally, the easy-to-use battery cycler monitors battery aging and battery stability. And best of all, you can automate all of it without writing a single line of code.

The Keysight BV9210B/11B Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software is perfect for R&D engineers working on at 5G, IoT, Medical validating devices in low power applications that requires to extended runtime of their battery-operated device.

User friendly software for advanced battery testing and emulation that is capable of

  • Visualize continuous monitoring important battery parameters 
  • Profiler create battery models accurately with dynamic or static condition
  • Emulate load battery model emulate battery at any operation region
  • Cycler charge and discharge cycler to determine age effects

Key benefits:

  • Eliminate testing complexity
  • Eliminate incorrect battery run time estimates
  • Eliminate the use of generic battery models
  • Save cost and repeatable results
  • Save time, work more efficiently and increase throughputs
  • BV9210B – connect up to 4 instruments
  • BV9211B – connect 1 instrument

Key Features:

  • Battery Testing and Emulation range of up to 200kW and up to 2000V
  • Regenerative battery testing and emulation with RP7900 Series
  • Control any combination of up to four N6700C-05C with 6781/82/84/85/86A SMU modules, N7900 or RP7900 models
  • Advanced control capabilities – cut off conditions, capacity rating, state of charge, constant or dynamic level selection, pulse width control, and protection settings
  • Accurately capture voltage, current, capacity from seconds to days
  • Build-in digitizer with simultaneous voltage and current measurements
  • Easily create complex loading characteristics when using profiler to generate a battery model, from built-in sequences or importing csv file
  • Control multiple instruments simultaneously

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